New Zealand Agri-Business Partner

Our Vision & Commitments Ahead

Our relationship is built on creating sustainable relationships.
Sustainable Business Starts Locally.
An International Vision for Quality and Service.
A Vision for the Future and Key Values for the Corporation.
Our Core Business Activity is turning waste into valuable products.
We operate as a partner of New Zealand food processors and farmers. We support these businesses by allowing them to operate in an economically and environmentally sustainable way through the responsible processing of the by-products of their businesses so we are able to return the highest value we can to them.
We create value through: 
  • Producting quality products which international markets value. 
  • Developing new markets and products.
  • Having efficient operations of scale.
  • Adopting modern and clean processes and technologies.
  • Hiring good people who understand our business and our business philosophy.

In the end our business is all about sustainable relationships, namely with our suppliers, our customers, our environment, our community and our staff. 

Wallace Corporation has maintained a Tradition in Agri-Business for more than six decades. An aggressive, ethical and environmentally active company committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Wallace Corporation strong heritage and reputation as a progressive industry leader ensures a solid foundation for meeting the needs of its customers.