New Zealand Agri-Business Partner

Rendering Divison


Our Scale and Central Location

Wallace Corporation Limited operates the largest service rendering plant in New Zealand with a raw material catchment area covering the Waikato, South Auckland, King Country, Bay of Plenty and Northland.  The Rendering Plant situated at Waitoa, in the Waikato Region of the North Island, processes approximately 12% of the North Island's renderable material.

Broad Processing Capabilities

Raw material is sourced from a number of different animal species including cattle, sheep, chicken, deer and duck.   We specifically do not process any pig or pork material.  Poultry material is separated out and processed through two dedicated lines, one for feathers and one for poultry offal.  There is also a separate processing line for all blood received at the plant.  The plant has recently been upgraded to ensure best practice and control, with state of the art electronic monitoring. This has resulted in improved energy efficiency and better quality finished product.

Rendered Products

The plant produces the following quality by-products:


Quality Assurance

We monitor both on and off site to ensure that agreed specifications for both raw material and finished products are being met.  Processing is carried out in accordance with a Risk Management Plan which has been evaluated and is regularly verified by New Zealand Food Safety Authority to ensure compliance.  The plant also operates in compliance with the New Zealand Rendering Code of Practice.