New Zealand Agri-Business Partner

Tannery, Hides & Skins


Wallace Tanning Division

The Wallace Tannery was established in 1992 primarily to take advantage of the supply of casualty calves and cows collected by WCL. Since that time the Company has expanded its collection area so that it now services the greater North Island. Approximately 25% of the wet/blue Tannery production is made up of casualty calves and cows, with the balance being hides from meat processing plants.


Processing & Treatment

Technical Operations & Expertise

Wallace Corporation Limited has the technical expertise and equipment to process from the lightest slink skins up to the heaviest bull and ox hides. With a dedicated and skilled labour force of up to 100 at the peak of the season, the tanning operation produces a consistent quality product which is demanded and recognised by its customers worldwide.