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Wallace conservation land

In 2012 a new initiative was started to systematically restore large areas of the existing kahikatea / totara forest on river floodplain land owned by the Company. We have called this the Ruru Programme.
Among the benefits from carrying out such a project:

Wallace Conservation Land
  • Improved habitat for native birds and aquatic life
  • Natural filtration of runoff water, thus improving the quality of water in the river
  • Creation of a network of walkways so that members of the public can enjoy the amenity of the river and native forest

    Wallace Conservation
From the outset, it has been the intention to involve the public in this programme. The river is a community asset, and local people and visitors should be able to enjoy the environment it provides.
A partnership with a local primary school has provided educational opportunities for the pupils, who have been involved in planting activities. Along the way, they have learned about planting and taking care of young trees, as well as the importance of forest cover and wetlands in the earth’s biocycle.