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Casualty Cow Collection Service

To register your casualty animal for collection please click on this link.

Environmental service helping to keep water ways clean.


The environmentally friendly way to dispose of casualty animals

The collection of casualty stock is the environmentally way of protecting our valuable waterways. If it were not for the collection and recycling efforts of renderers, mountains of organic waste materials would create an immense environmental problem.

When the worst happens dispose of stock in an environmentally friendly way. Wallace Corporation Limited has a fleet of modern, purpose built trucks operating all year round.

Wallace Corporation Limited provides a casualty collection service 12 months of the year, including the collection of casualty calves in the spring. The business collects over 30,000 cows and 200,000 calves per annum.

If these animals were not collected and processed through the Rendering plant they may otherwise end up in surface water or under ground water in the regions.

Please Remember **

Vital conditions for the continuation of this service are that:-

  1. We are notified as soon as possible so that the animal can be collected on the next available run, ensuring its freshness.
  2. Most importantly, those hides are in good condition, i.e. Animal has not been damaged or dragged.
  3. We do not collect horses in Feilding and in Waitoa (Since 2nd June 2017)
  4. We do not accept euthanised animals.

Our friendly & experienced team of drivers are instructed not to collect damaged or rotten animals. 
 Simply call one of the following numbers

Waikato Area: 0900 97 933   -   Feilding Area: 0900 79 733

Normal Operation Hours

Mon-Fri 7.00 am - 5.00 pm
Sat 7.00 am - 12.00 pm

Open as usual on Saturdays.

Notice: Wallace Corporation has stopped accepting casualty horses at the Waitoa site. This will be effective from
2nd June 2017”. All calls and casualty drop offs for casualty horses on and before 1st June will be honored. 

We are open on Saturdays.
Calls cost $30 (Waikato) $20 (Feilding) including GST - Children to Ask Parents First. (*Special Conditions Apply)
* The name that will appear on your credit card statement will be Wallace Corporation Ltd
* Physical address 266 Wood Road, Waitoa
* Your account will be charged in NZD
* Wallace Corporation is a New Zealand owned business
* Please call our office for refunds - if required - 07 887 0300
* We will endeavour to uplift all Casualty Stock within 48 hours of call